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2020-2021 Officers

Hold Flag Day Service

   Another month has passed us by and the circumstances have not changed. We are moving along with our zoom meetings to keep our members informed as to what is happening in our lodge.

    As many of you know the Convention in Baltimore has been cancelled. Our new officers have missed out on a lot this year but we are trying our best to be positive.

   The House Committee has been doing a great job for indoor/outdoor dining. Without the volunteers it would not be possible to stay open. Thanks to all of you who have stepped up to help. The lodge cannot survive without you so please give us a few hours of your time.

    The same people working week after week need a break so please volunteer. Please let the house committee chairman Dennis know you are interested. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday and the hours are posted on Facebook.

     The month of July has been slow due to the pandemic. Members have been donating to have the lawn cut. Thank you Jeff Millette for your generosity, we appreciate it.

     There is a notice in this bulletin for an opening of the 5 year trustee position . Please be sure to check it out for details .Nominations and Voting are underway.

     Our new members have been Initiated on July 22 at the lodge. They have been waiting a long time for this due to Covid-19. We welcome you to Middleboro #1274 one and all.

     Our Calendar Fundraiser for the lodge has been underway to help pay the bills. People have been purchasing them for the small amount of $10.00. We published it again this month because sales will be through the month of August. Lots of prizes and 30 chances to win.

     Our Treasurer has been keeping us up to date with where we stand. Its been a challenge for her to say the least. Thank you Wendy for all you are doing. Lets hope there is light at the end of the tunnel to keep our doors open long term. Keep your fingers crossed that it happens.

August 2020

Exalted Ruler's Message