Middleboro Lodge #1274    Elks Care, Elks Share

Laurie LeFebvre

District Deputy G.E.R.

Lodge Secretary

     First and foremost, I would like to thank you for paying your dues. The protocol typically is, I mail the out of State member cards, the Senior members that pay but don't typically come in, leave the rest behind the bar in alpha order for the regular members that come in ,ready for when we change the card lock/reader. As we were CLOSED, this latter part did not happen. I was also told to hold on the postage as we weren't open, so no rush and expense to get all of the cards out. Since we don't have an exact "opening date", I am in the midst of mailing all of the cards .Please don't panic if your friend got his and you did not, you certainly will.


     Secondly, I would like to thank the volunteers that worked countless hours cleaning and painting while the Lodge was closed. It looks great!! THANK YOU.


     Next, I would like to thank the volunteers under the leadership of Dennis Cullity and the membership for supporting Lodge #1274 for the pizza and wing take out nights. Proud to be part of a Lodge that works together as a team not only when the going is good, but when the sea is rough.


     Until next month, spread kindness, stay healthy, know that you are never alone, as you belong to an awesome organization that CARES, just reach out!


Laurie LeFebvre, DDGER

Lodge Secretary #1274