Middleboro Lodge #1274    Elks Care, Elks Share

Laurie LeFebvre

District Deputy G.E.R.

Lodge Secretary

      Hello members: Fall is approaching and so is the cool, crisp Shipyard beverages. Stop in, have a bite to eat and order one. Enjoy, all while helping out our Lodge. Middleboro is doing a fine job fundraising, and trying to be creative, during these unprecedented times. Thank you All for making this happen!

     SEPTEMBER 24th, Thursday will be our pre-visit with DD Felix Freitas at 6:00. Let's welcome him, and make sure our Lodge is in tip top shape. The visitation is scheduled for Tuesday the 29th of September.

     We currently have 971 members, 6 candidates, 1pending transfer into our Lodge and 141 delinquent.

**** Save the date****

Weds. October 14th we will have a Spaghetti Supper $10 Lodge Fund Raiser with raffles from 6-8, sponsored by the Lodge PER's.

     Let us continue to be cautious, safe , supportive, respectful and patient all while showing KINDNESS as Elks while we figure out this game of "Life".


Fraternally yours,


Laurie LeFebvre, PDDGER

Lodge Secretary


September 2020