Middleboro Lodge #1274    Elks Care, Elks Share

Laurie LeFebvre

District Deputy G.E.R.

Lodge Secretary

Hello members,

     We are currently at 973 members with 8 candidates and 124 delinquent. If you haven’t already done so, please pay your dues. Thank you all! We have been able to extend our hours and offer more to our members while still maintaining a safe environment and keeping within the State Guidelines. Thank you to all of our volunteers, and members for all of their support and time. Also, a big shout out to House Committee Chair Dennis, the ELK RIDERS for their Grille Raffle and to ER FLO for her Calendar raffle.

     The Calendar raffle has brought in $6,630, with $900 going out in cash prizes, and $325 worth of donated gift cards, scratch tickets and 2 liquor baskets),with a profit to the Lodge of $5,730 for operational costs! Thank you “Calendar Girl Flo”. This proves that with diligence, keeping the ticket costs lower and achieving success with volume, you will run a successful raffle. Great job 1274!

     The PER’s are running a spaghetti supper fund raiser$10 on Weds Oct 14th from 6-8 in the lounge for members and guests, or you may take the meals to go. This will include a great raffle table and a 50/50. Looking forward to seeing you there!

     Interviewing will be Tuesday October 6th 6:30, Voting on Weds Oct 7th@ 7:00 Meeting time, Orientation on Thursday October 15th 6:30 with Initiation at the regular membership meeting on Weds October 24th at 7:00 pm.

     In closing , I would like to thank all of the Officers, Ricky, Billy, Mary Beth, Kim and HC Dennis for all of their work in getting ready for our District Deputy pre visit and visitation. As always, Middleboro Lodge 1274 should be proud of their accomplishments! Lastly, I would like to thank District Deputy Felix, his Esquire Joan and the rest of his suite for their time and dedication and well wishes for a great rest of the year.



Laurie LeFebvre, PDDGER

Lodge Secretary #1274


October 2020