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      The U.S Army Birthday is a day for the Army, soldiers, veterans and their families to celebrate the day on which the first United States Army was formed – the Continental Army. This day falls on June 14th and is celebrated on an annual basis. It’s a celebration that’s been observed since the 1970s to acknowledge the vital contributions of its members and to develop enhance the esprit de corps.

     The United States Army can trace its roots back to 1775. This is when the Congress of the United States established the First Continental Army on June 14, 1775. This army was created because there was a severe need for professionally trained soldiers to combat the British. Before its creation, most of the fighting was done by colonial militias – which were made up of mostly farmers who soldiered on a part-time basis. The original order from Congress allowed for 10 companies of riflemen to be created. Two days later, an Adjutant General’s Corps; Corps of Engineers; Finance Corps and Quartermaster Corps were created.

     However, a first full regiment of Regular Army Infantry wouldn’t be formed until June of 1784. This initial Regular Army Infantry was called the 3rd Infantry Regiment.

Elks Salute!

Happy Birthday

U.S. Army