Exalted Ruler's Message


Randall (Randy) Hodge

     WOW!! A month has gone by and to say I’ve been busy is an understatement. I want to thank all the outgoing officers for everything they have done in the past year, and I will strive to continue to help our lodge succeed.
     Thank you to PER, Chris Larrivey for being my officer of the day. You were a big part in making the day perfect. Dennis, thanks to you and your House Committee, once again Elks 1274 shined. PER Shawn O’Connor, you have set the standards high, and I will do my best to follow these standards to the best of my abilities. I look forward to you being my Esquire and your support is priceless.
     PER, Gail Kupchin, I thank you for the special gift you gave me, passing down your gavel to me means a lot. Elks Care, Elks Share!
     To All of the Officers of the 2022-2023 year, thank you for your faith in me and the desire to go through this journey as a rock-solid team.
     House Committee Chairman, Greg Ulrich, I have complete faith in your abilities to bring our lodge to the next level. The things you have had to deal with already and the way you and your committee handled it speaks volume.
     Elk Riders, I know you already have great fundraising events in the works and the fact that you guys got our Lodge in the Elks magazine is awesome!!
     As most of you know every Exalted Ruler sets goals and has projects that they would like to accomplish throughout their year, and I will be no different. I want to maintain a member friendly atmosphere and encourage members to learn about all the great things Elks have to offer.  I want unity among all committees and the goals of our lodge to be the same goals of our members. We work for you!
     My major project for this year with the support from all of you will be a long overdue lounge makeover! I would like to get a few ideas drawn up and let you, the members vote on which makeover you would like best. Your support will make this happen,
      I’m sure! There are many things in our lodge that need maintenance and repairs and I will do my best to see that these things are addressed. We have an air conditioning unit that is on its last leg and needs to be replaced. Thanks to Janet Beech for starting an AC fund a couple of years ago; it has given our lodge a jumpstart to having the funds for this project. That’s proof that if you support our lodge, we can make anything possible.
      In closing I challenge all 1274 members to say hello to your brother or sister Elk, be respectful to one another, rekindle friendships and let grudges fall to the side. Don’t forget the last couple of years with the pandemic and all the efforts that were given to keep our lodge the best lodge in the district. Be generous to our bartenders and waitstaff who are there to serve you!
Fraternally yours,
Randy Hodge – Exalted Ruler