Exalted Ruler's Message


Randall (Randy) Hodge

To the Membership,
Another month has passed and I am happy to say that as of right now we have 994 members and our per member giving is $3.13 which is still a little short of our goal of $4.80. Please donate to our ENF and help us reach our goal!
     This month has been busy with our District Deputy Pre visit followed by the visit which included an initiation and a report from our District Deputy Deborah Curran! I am happy to say that it all went well and with the help and support from our House Committee, Staff and volunteers everything was first class!
     Myself and seven other officers attended the Grand Exalted Ruler’s Banquet on Oct 1st and it was anhonor that our lodge was able to donate $500 dollars to the Disaster Relief Fund. This was a request from GER Bruce Hidley whereas he stated that fund was running low and he anticipated the need with the most recent disasters in Florida!           We ALL need to be proud at the fact that we as a lodge are able to make a donation.
     The lodge held its annual Soccer Shoot and after our local Shoot and District Shoot we have 5 contestants moving onto States! As a new Exalted Ruler I found myself behind on this event and I reached out to Steve Perry and Bill Cardin and if wasn’t for them I am not sure it would have happened at all. These two guy’s understood the importance of making this happen and reached out to people who have run it in the past and it all came together!
     I was very pleased to see Steve and Bill along with there families volunteering there time and representing our Lodge with Pride! The next event these guy’s will be doing is the Hoop Shoot so stay Tuned for that and if you have any questions please reach out to them or myself.
     Terry Sollis who is our Youth Committee Chairperson has been fundraising in the lounge and has our kids Halloween Party ready to go. Terry has been a member for 8 months and has stepped up In our Lodge to make sure we continue all the great things we offer our youth! If you see Terry in the Lounge please join me in Thanking her for such a great job she is doing.
     Our Lodge is back to where it was pre-Covid, if not better and I can’t Thank The House Committee enough for all they do! Our HC is an almost all brand new committee and they have performed as if they have been doing it for years! We have had a HC for years and will continue to have one for years to come and although the work load is generally the same year to year we are finding that so are the volunteers!! With our Lodge Booming the way it is WE NEED YOU!!
     With the same pool of volunteers there several that are getting burnt out and to be totally honest the things that will be impacted will be the Tuesday Pizza and the Thursday wings! This is totally run by volunteers and we need help. I encourage anyone that would like to support our lodge in these efforts to please reach out to House
Chairman Greg Ulrich or myself. Elks Care Elks Share!!
     In closing I would like everyone to think about how much of our Lodge is run by volunteers! I think you will be surprised! Please say Thank you to our Lodge Secretary and Lodge treasurer for the countless hour spent keeping our Lodge in order there efforts were validated at the District Deputy visit for sure!
     I want to personally Thank All my officers for there continued support and dedication in upholding all the ritualistic obligations as well as overseeing all expenditures in the Lodge. As always, I challenge ALL 1274 Members to say “Hello” to your brother and sister Elk, be respectful to one another, rekindle friendships and let grudges fall to the side and lastly, be generous to our wait staff who are always there to serve you!

Fraternally yours,
Randy Hodge- Exalted Ruler