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A Tradition of Giving: The BPO Elks

The youth-oriented, charitable, and community service programs of the Benevolent

and Protective Order of Elks are all-encompassing. Here is a partial list of our

charitable work.

1. Youth Programs--Elks “Hoop Shoot” - Scholarships - Boy Scouts and

Girl Scouts - Campfire Girls

2. Athletic Programs--Little League - Football - Basketball - Bowling –

Boxing - Wrestling - Golf - Swimming - Special Olympics -Summer

Camps - Soccer

3 . Medical Assistance for Children--Hospital - Blood Bank - Eye Glasses -

Hearing Aids - Prosthetic Devices - Physical Therapy Scholarships-

Wheelchairs - Support Groups

4 . Patriotic Programs--Flag Day - Memorial Day – Constitutional


5. Veterans Programs--Picnics - Outings - Athletic Events - Special

Equipment – In-hospital Activities

6. Community Service Programs--Donation of Lodge Facilities - Food

Baskets - Senior Citizen Programs - Citizen of the Year Recognition –

Law Enforcement Officer Recognition - Teacher and Student


7. Drug Awareness Programs--Aimed at educating children in the

primary grades of grammar school about the dangers of drugs.

Materials also available in high schools as well as doctors’ offices,

hospitals, clinics, and similar institutions and offices open to the public.