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Soccer Shoot 2013

gional Soccer Shoot Results 11/3/2012

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Results of the Elks Regional Soccer Shoot held this weekend in N. Smithfield RI, saw the MA South District compete with 3 State Champions and here's how they made out:  Paige Rooney from Middleboro (daughter of PDD Patrick Rooney and granddaughter of PDD Frank Rooney) won in her Girls 8 and under division, Michael Van Neste from Falmouth, won the Boy 10 and under division (he also won the high score in the junior division).  Alex Wapneski from Taunton, got honorable mention trophy in the Girls 12 and under division. Great job from the South District! Here they are pictured with MA Elks 2nd Vice President Mark Cronin, MA Elks State President Frank Barone and MA Elks State Director of the Soccer Shoot Craig Shurtleff.  Picture by Sharon Thompson-MA Elks State PR Chairman.

 On Friday September 20th and Sunday September 22nd our annual Soccer Shoot was held.

  Friday night at the Field of Dreams over 30 local soc-cer players participated in the Grid Goal competition. Winners included Kaden Kelly and Alexis Shaw (U-14), James Estabrooks and Elia Velez (U-12).

  The Five-Goal Contest was held on Sunday at the Purchase Street fields with over 20 competitors. Win-ners included Nathan Donahue and Paige Rooney (U-10), Jordan Hayes and Riley Letendre (U-8).

   Thank you’s to Chief Tubman, Laurie Lefebvre, Mike McGlone, Terri Scott, Dan Dube, Sean Noel, Paula Rooney and Pat Crogan. Special thank you to our ball returners Paige Rooney, Nathan and Riley Letendre.

   The South District Competition was held on Sunday, October 6 in Wareham. Winners were Elia Velez (U12), Colton Gardner (U12), and Paige Rooney (U10). Colton was competing in place of James Es-tabrooks. Nathan Donahue (U10) placed third. Elia, Colton, and Paige are moving on to Hudson for the State Shoot on October 20th.

   Fraternally, Pat Rooney PDD, HLM

Soccer Shoot 2012

First Area 1 Regional Champion from Middleboro Lodge of Elks


     I am writing this report not only as your Lodge Soccer Shoot-Out Coordinator, but also as the proud father of the Middleboro Elks first Area 1 Regional Champion, Paige Rooney!

This year we held our Lodge contests over two days. This was done to try to reach more competitors. Since our town program uses two different venues for its players depending on their ages, we have tried to be present for as many of the age groups as possible.

     On Friday September 21, we began our annual Lodge Soccer Shoot at the Field of Dreams for the U-14 and U-12 groups which use the grid goal on regulation nets. Winners on Friday evening included Chris Berio and Haley Wood (U-14), Ethan Matos and Greta Jacobson (U-12). The Lodge was helped out in the shoot by several members of the Middleboro High School boys soccer team members Patrick Crogan, Nick Fahey, T.J. and Jason O’Toole, Alex Paduch, and Kenny Schofield. The boys did a great job assisting with the Shoot and working with the competitors.

    On Saturday September 22nd, we set up at the Purchase Street Fields for our U-10 and U-8 groups that use the 5 goal set up. Winners on Saturday included Greg Nickerson and Amanda Bukunt (U-10), Andrew Small and Paige Rooney (U-8). These winners then moved on to compete against eight other Lodges in the Massachusetts Elks Association’s South District Shoot.

    I want to thank PER Lori Lefebvre, Paula Rooney, Dick Tinkham, E.R. Sean Noel, Wally Glendye, and Kalee Dutra for helping out with the Lodge shoot.

    On October 7th, we had three of our Lodge Champions take home 1st place trophies at the District Soccer Shoot in Wareham. Chris (U-14), Ethan (U-12), and Paige (U-8) were all headed to Hudson to compete in their divisions for the title of State Champion on October 21st. Greta (U-12) took home a second place finish. Also competing were Haley (U-14), Amanda (U-10), Greg (U-10), and Andrew (U-8).

In Hudson, Paige took home the Title of State Champion for U-8 Girls, and won the Steve Warren Memorial Trophy for High Score for the Junior Girls Division (U-8 and U-10). Ethan competed well, finishing fourth after a shoot-out for third place. Christopher also competed well, finishing in fourth place as well. This was our second State Champion in a row, as Elia Velez (U10) won the title last year.

     On Saturday, November 3, in Smithfield Rhode Island, our Massachusetts State Soccer Shoot Champion Paige won the Elks Area 1 Soccer Shoot in the girls U-8 category. Paige competed against six other girls, all State Champions from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. The Area 1 Championships is a weekend event and was hosted by the Rhode Island Elks Association. Dinner was served at the Smithfield Lodge of Elks on Friday evening. The Woonsocket Lodge of Elks hosted a luncheon following the competition on Saturday, and the Awards Banquet was hosted back at the Smithfield Lodge on Saturday evening. There were 56 competitors and their families from 7 states.

    The Massachusetts Elks Association provided the l lodging, meals, embroidered warm-up suits, t-shirts, soccer-ball backpacks, and other goodies for the Massachusetts competitors.

     It has been an exciting past couple of months, and I am looking forward to next years shoot.

Patrick D. Rooney PER, PDD, HLM

Lodge Soccer Shoot Coordinator

Laurie LeFevbre, Soccer Chmn with Casey Ambrose, Brayden Young and Jack Nickerson

   The Elks Soccer Shoot for the age category U-8 and U-10 girls and boys was hosted by the Middleboro Elks Lodge 1274 on September 24,2016 at the Purchase Street Soccer Field. The “Five Goal Contest “consists of a series of five goals, decreasing in size from 48 inches to 17 inches.    The U-8 contestants kick from 15 feet and the U-10 contestants kick from 18 feet. Each contestant has 3 kicks into each goal. The contestant with the highest score is the winner.
   The First Place Winner’s for our Local Lodge Contest for the U-8 girls is Casey Ambrose, the U-8 boys is Brayden Young and the U-10 boys is Jack Nickerson.
   These children were presented first place trophies at the Middleboro Elks Lodge. These three children advanced to the District Level held in Wareham on October 1st. Again, Casey Ambrose, Brayden Young and Jack Nickerson took first place for their age category
   On Sunday, October 23rd, in Hudson, MA, Casey Ambrose daughter of member Scott Ambrose won the State Championship for the U 8 girls, going to Vermont for the Regional Soccer Shoot Saturday November 5th.