Elks HELP during rough year for natural disasters grAnd Lodge ACtIvItIes CommIttee By JAMES S. MASON Disaster Relief Program Natural disasters continue to occur across our nation. The middle of the country experienced a series of tornadoes followed by severe rain storms, resulting in floods that could be seen by all who flew into St. Louis to attend the Grand Lodge Convention. Elsewhere, wildfires burned in the southwest, a 7.1 magnitude hit California, and Hurricane Barry reached Louisiana.
   At the first business session of the convention, Grand Secretary Bryan Klatt reviewed the disaster relief fund. He explained what had been received from Members and Lodges during the year and what had been sent to areas which required recovery assistance.      The term HELP best stands for “Have Elks Lodges Participate.” We should all feel great for what we have accomplished through our generosity.
   At another session, Jim Saxton, Exalted Ruler of Paradise, CA Lodge No. 2026 addressed the assembly and told them about what his Lodge is doing to overcome the destruction of its building in Northern California’s Camp Fire last November.
   He thanked everyone on behalf of the Lodge for all the support that they had received, including the almost 400 Members who lost their homes during the fire. The Lodge is currently set up in a temporary facility until a new building is constructed.
   Two Lodges in California suffered fire damage in the last few years, losing valuable items such as their charters, citations, and pictures of the Past Exalted Rulers. It is recommended that all Lodges prepare copies of these items and store them in a safe location should the Lodge experience any kind of disaster. To meet our future funding needs for natural disaster, we encourage all Elks to donate to the Grand Secretary’s office in Chicago.
   Please consider holding a special dinner or other event to meet future needs as they occur. Thank you to all who have made donations.

Elks HELP during rough year

for natural disasters