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The Elks Pledge

   In each of the 172 VA Medical Centers there is an Elk committee at work. Literally, thousands of Elks and their families give generously of their time, energy and resources so that the lives of our ill and aging veterans will be enhanced. Hundreds of thousands of hours and like numbers of dollars are devoted to programs that are designed to keep us true  to our pledge:   "So long as there are veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks will never forget them."

And now we've broadened our program to include outpatients and veterans who are homeless.


Elks Support Veterans

The Lodge hosts our Veterans - 1st Thursday of every Month.

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Please Visit Middleboro Veterans Memorial Park

Elks National Veterans Memorial
Chicago, Illinois



Veteran’s Corner

  The Care Package Program is part of the Freedom Grant Paul secured for our Lodge. We will be sending ten (10) of these packages each month to troops on active duty in Afghanistan. We will be inviting members to make donations and will have donation forms available in the Lodge.

  Please remember the Veterans Wish List and the Luggage Program. We hope that any Veteran interested in information regarding benefits will visit our Veterans Center in the front lobby. If any Veteran has any questions, please ask any mem-ber of the Veterans Committee. Thank you all for all you do.  

   Veterans Remembrance

  For the Order of Elks, veterans remembrance is a daily proposition. We never have and never will never forget the sacrifices these heroes made so that we may be free. But it has been a tradition for the Order to redouble its efforts on behalf of veterans in November, not just for Veterans Day, but for the entire month. For the Elks, November is Veterans Remembrance Month.

  The Elks National Veterans Service Commission asks all Lodges to run a special event to commemorate Veterans Remembrance Month and to raise funds for the Lodge's Veterans Service Commission. Many Lodges use the proceeds for special events in the VA medical center during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Some Lodges even invite those veterans who are able to take part in special programs and functions.

And now we've broadened our program to include outpatients and veterans who are homeless.

Soldiers say Thanks

From: Delp, Jesse D SGT USARMY (US) 1-502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne in Afghanistan Date: 30 Mar 2014

Hello my name is SSG Jesse Delp - I am a Squad leader in Bravo Company in the 1-502d Infantry in the 101st Airborne currently in Afghanistan.

You sent my Platoon Sergeant SFC Edwards 9 packages for our Platoon. I am from Danvers MA myself and would just like to thank you for everything that you have done for us.

The men really appreciate everything that you sent. Thank you for your service in the past and everything you continue to do by the way, Go Sox!

Thank you,

From: Loria, Scott E MAJ USARMY (US) 89th Cavalry, 10th Mtn Div in Afghanistan Date: 3 Feb 2014

Hi, we got the 9 care packages. Thanks. They'll come in handy because we don't have a PX here. The guys appreciate them! Got the cover letter from you, Spc 5 Dan B., Wayne D., CW2 Dan Farley, SGM V., MSG Hayes, and MR1 Richard T.

We'll be back soon, Maj Scott Loria US ARMY

               Elks Veterans Memorial

              And National Headquarters
Chicago, IL

   A monument in the truest sense, the Elks National Veterans Memorial was built in 1926 to honor Americans whose profound sacrifices for the nation can never be recognized by mere words. With its massive dome, heroic sculptures and intricately detailed friezes, the Memorial is a distinctively American interpretation of classical greatness.

   On this website, you can explore the Memorial without leaving your chair. You can read about the building's history or take a virtual tour. When you're ready to come and see the Memorial in person, you can plan your visit, too.

South Main Street

Middleboro MA Lodge #1274 sponsored a Cookout at the Brockton VA Hospital for PRRC residents family day on July 7th, and it was a Great Success!  Great Food, GREAT VETERANS! Thanks to all the VOLUNTEERS who delivered, cooked & served the food at hospital on site. The Crew: Tex Washburn, Dick Tinkham, Wally Glendye, Billy LaMare, Tina Capozzi, Bob Meunier, Bill Putman, and Emblem Club: Nannette Vickery, Margie Tero, Eileen Williams & Ronnie McClouskey!  Thank you all for helping these Veterans RELAX & SMILE—a job superbly well done! Paul Hinchcliffe, Grants Coordinator, Middleboro Lodge of Elks 1274.


Veterans’ Corner

  I would like to give a sincere thank you to all of the people whose dedicated volunteer work makes it possible to make a difference in a lot of Veterans lives.The folks who volunteer on the monthly dinners: Billy LaMere, Wally Glendye, Chief Tubman, Nanette Vickery, Margaret Tero, Veronica McCuskey Mary Frye, Shirley Barriault, Laurel McGrath, Eileen Williams, as well as anyone who has just happened to be there and offered to help.

  I also want to thank those who have made donations to the Veterans at the Domicile at the VA Hospital in Brockton.  Thank you to PER Mike Mott for his generous donation of new luggage in the name and memory of Albert Cooper, CPO,USN (RET). Thank you to Andy Craig for his luggage donation, and thank you to Gene Connolly also for a luggage donation. Paul Hinchcliffe deserves a huge thank you for his efforts in organizing Veterans Committee activities and helping in every way to make things successful. I want to also say a sincere

  Thank you to Chief Bill Tubman for all his work to help our activities progress in his capacity as VAVS Representative for Area 2.

 The Veterans Committee has many activities planned for the future which we will making the Lodge aware of. I would also like to thank everyone who worked on the Blues Fest this year. I hope I have covered everyone who has helped us to help our Veterans. Thank you much!

Dick Tinkham, Veterans Committee Chair

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