Appreciation Day

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Dinner at 100 pm.

Award presentations to follow the dinner:

Awards for “Elk of the Year”, “Officer of the Year”, & “Citizen of the Year” will all be presented at this event along with recognition to other outstanding Elks that have volunteered over this past year.  All Past “Elks of the Year” are invited to come to this event & will be recognized.  I as Exalted Ruler am very thankful for all the hard work everyone has done over the past year & hope to show my appreciation to all of you at this event.  Also, recognition pins will be handed out for years of service to all Elks who have reached years of service in multiples of 5 years.  All members & guests are welcome to attend & enjoy the meal & award ceremony.


Exalted Ruler - Shawn O’Connor

Leading  Knight - Paul Grenier

Loyal Knight - Frank Murray

Lecturing Knight - Flo Caddilac

Secretary - Laurie LeFebvre PER, HLM

Treasurer - Sean Noel PER

Esquire - Mike Mott LM PER

Inner Guard - Shirley Batista

Tiler - Judy Marsten

Chaplain - Richard Tinkham

Board of Directors

Shawn O’Connor ER

Frank Needham PDD, LM

Dave Caddilac

Paul Hinchcliffe LM

Fred Bohning LM

Frank Rooney PDD, HLM

Paul Grenier

Frank Murray

Flo Caddilac


Dave Caddilac (5)

Frank Needham PDD, LM (4)

Fred Bohning LM (3)

Paul Hinchcliffe LM (2)  

Frank Rooney PDD, HLM (1)


Installation of Officers

Sunday, March 25, 2018

1:00 pm Social - 2:00 pm Meeting

Dinner to follow.