Middleboro Lodge #1274

Past Exalted Rulers



 P.E.R. Notes: “Did you know?”

  Our Elks Lodge as with any Lodge has affiliated groups that work within the scope of the charitable and fraternal goals we try to achieve. We have three officially recognized associations; our Middleboro Emblem club #93, our Middleboro Elks Riders and finally, our Past Exalted Rulers Association. In our Bulletin you will from time to time reports from all these affiliates.

 Of course, we feature here, the P.E.R. Association. What is a Past Exalted Ruler? This is a man and or a woman, who has served their Lodge in at least one term as the Exalted Ruler, sometimes referred to as the President of the Lodge. When they have completed that term, they then attain the title of “Past” Exalted Ruler. It is at that time they then are called into continued service to their Lodge. Every Past Exalted Ruler of this Lodge automatically becomes a member of the P.E.R. association.

  The association is organized under the authority of the Grand Lodge. Our purpose is to foster a spirit of good fellowship between the members of the Lodge, and to render experienced counsel and assistance to the Lodge, thereby hopefully keeping the Lodge in safe and capable hands.

 While the Grand Lodge and are own Lodge provide many different types of scholarship programs, the P.E.R Association has their own Vocational scholarship program. Applications can be found in the Members Lounge.

  To summarize; the goal of the P.E.R. Association always stands ready to give counsel, advice and aid to the Lodge and its officers and we look forward one day to see YOU as a Past Exalted Ruler.