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Exalted Ruler’s Message

February 2018

Happy Valentines Day to all of you out there.  I can't believe I only have this month and March left as your Exalted Ruler.  We have had a very busy and successful year so far and all of you have helped make it happen.  Last month, we ran another successful fundraiser. Thanks to your support, along with the Officers, Elks Riders, PER's and the House Committee.

  The PER's will be doing their duty in performing the initiation ritual this month on the third Friday bringing in more new members. Come up and watch your PER's do the initiation ritual from memory and welcome some new members into our Lodge and enjoy the entertainment afterwards.  Further down in the bulletin you will see the message from our Grand Exalted Ruler urging the outgoing officers to share their knowledge and experience with the incoming new officers.   

   Middleboro has a history of doing exactly that through our PER association offering guidance to all the officers. The success of our Lodge relies on the leadership, past and present, of our Lodge. This year has been a prime example of how that has worked with all committees joining together to make our Lodge grow and prosper. February marks the 150th birthday of our order which was founded on February 16, 1868.    Middleboro has been a driving force in keeping Elkdom alive and well. We have shown a gain in membership, reached our Elks National Foundation Goal, supported Veterans programs and youth programs year after year. This comes from the leadership of your Lodge understanding what Elkdom is all about. However without your help none of this would happen. So keep up the good work in supporting your officers and the Lodge.    Remember anyone interested in running for office, for next year, nominations and elections will be done at the meetings this month. I know I will be seeing you around the Lodge enjoying a cold beverage and a tasty meal. If you see one of the volunteers at the bar tell them thank you and buy them a cold beverage they deserve it! You will see further down in the bulletin that next month we will be holding our Appreciation Day to show thanks to all of these volunteers and recognizing the Past Elks of the Year. Come up to this event to show your appreciation to all of them.

Thanks again Mike ER.