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Exalted Ruler’s Message

February 2019

  Well, winter is truly upon us and the weather outside is frightful but inside your Lodge many things are delightful! As I mentioned in my message last month, The Past Exalted Rulers will be performing the initiation of new members this month and I for one will be there to witness what I know will be a memorable evening.

    For all you members who have never attended an initiation since your own, this will be the night to come as a member and enjoy what promises to be a memorable event for the new incoming members.

   This is also the month when nominations and elections are held for the new incoming officers for the 2019-20 Elks calendar year. Please make it a point to attend the first monthly meeting on February 6th to nominate those officers that will lead your Lodge next year and be sure to vote for those officers at our second monthly meeting on February 20th.  Remember, this is YOUR opportunity as members to elect those officers who will guide us through both calm and stormy seas as our Lodge moves forward into the future!

    February is the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Let’s be sure to pay tribute to those in our lives that we truly love and cherish! I am not sure if everyone knows, but the month of February has another significant milestone in Elkdom. For those members who may not know, February 16th is the birthday of the founding of our order in 1868. As your Exalted Ruler, I would like to wish our great order a Happy 151stBirthday!

   February 18th is the Presidents day holiday. As Elks, let’s pay tribute to all those Presidents who have led our nation’s service men & women and veterans who fought to protect the freedoms that we all enjoy as American Citizens! Looking ahead into March, we will be having Elks appreciation day on March 9th. On this special day, we will be honoring our Elk, Officer and Citizen of the Year as well as members who have attained milestones in membership and all those who have made significant contributions to both our Lodge in 2018-19. Your lodge will be serving a great meal on this day and please note that this event is open to all Elks of good standing.

   In closing, stop by the Lodge to watch a playoff football game, the super bowl (hopefully your home town Patriots are participating!), another sporting event, listen to some music, enjoy some food, have a beverage of your choice and enjoy each other’s company! Finally, continue to tip your bar staff and waiters who are working hard to make your visit to the Lodge an enjoyable one.

   Till next month! Fraternally yours,

 Shawn-Exalted Ruler